With the Pocket Spray Smart™ app you can get field-specific spraying conditions, current wind speed and direction, and temperature inversion potential for your current location for free. Unlock these features for all of your fields with a Morning Farm Report® account and 2017 Grower AgriBundle. Pocket Spray Smart is available for iPhone and Android. 

  • How can I use Pocket Spray Smart™ to see different locations?
  • Using the "Your Fields" function in Pocket Spray Smart™

Pocket Spray Smart™ also includes a feature that allows you to view different field locations at one time. When the Pocket Spray Smart™ app is initially opened, you have the option to select "Your Location" or "Your Fields". 

Selecting "Your Location" will provide you with your current location spray conditions. By selecting "Your Fields", you are able to pair Pocket Spray Smart™ with your Morning Farm Report™ account by using your Morning Farm Report™ account log in credentials. This way you can see all your field locations no matter where you are at. 

Don't have a Morning Farm Report™ account?
Visit www.MorningFarmReport.com to create your free Morning Farm Report™ account. Add your field locations to your account, then pair Pocket Spray Smart™ to your Morning Farm Report™ account to view spray conditions. 

For more information about Pocket Spray Smart™ visit https://www.morningfarmreport.com/products/pocketspraysmart.

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