Adding multiple users to your Morning Farm Report account is available based on the level of access you have. If you have a 2017 Grower AgriBundle, Crop Copter AgriBundle, Adjuster Drone Bundle, Agronomist Drone Bundle, or Retailer AgriBundle you will be able to add multiple users to your account. 

Permissions Sharing allows a single Morning Farm Report user to share information within your account to others who may be involved in your ag business. You are able to grant access at the farm level and to any tool within the Morning Farm Report. This provides you the freedom and customization to share your data to who you want. The system is designed so the invitee can simply view the data or can go as far as editing and deleting data within the account. 

Most common reasons for setting up permission sharing: 

  • You would like your daily Morning Farm Report email sent to more than one person. 
  • You would like to share your fields with your farm manager, agronomist, or precision ag specialist. 
  • You would like to share operations data with a landlord. 

Here are the steps needed to set up permissions sharing successfully:

Step 1. Make sure you are logged into your Morning Farm Report account.  Click “Hi (first name)” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select “Account”. A new window will appear in the center of your screen (Figure 1). 

Figure 1.

Step 2.  Click the permissions icon across the top of the new window.  

Once you have clicked, you will see three headings, "Select Organization", "Select Users", and "Set Permissions" (Figure 2). 

Figure 2. 

Step 3. Go to the "Select Users" section and input the first/last name in addition to the email address of the invitee. Click "Invite User" (Figure 3). 

***If you have invited somebody that does not have an existing Morning Farm Report account, they will need to visit their email inbox to activate their Morning Farm Report account. This can be done at anytime.  

Figure 3.

Step 4.  In the "Select Organization" section, select the organization you would like to share and then select all the farms you would like to share (Figure 4). To share all fields, all farms should be selected (highlighted in red). 

Figure 4.

Step 5. Go to the "Select Users" section and click the email that you would like to share the fields to (Figure 5). The email should be highlighted red. 

Figure 5. 

Step 6.  Go to the "Set Permissions" section. Just below the "Set Permissions" heading, you should see what selections you have made from the previous steps (Figure 6). This statement informs you who you are setting permissions for and what farms you are sharing. 

Figure 6. 

Step 7. Once you have made sure that you are setting permissions for the correct person and farms, You will need to select all the red "x" and turn them to green check marks. Then click "Save Permissions". If you would like the invitee to only view information, then only change the “View” column to green check marks. 

Figure 7. 

If you are unsure that you have set up the permissions sharing correctly, feel free to contact Customer Support by starting a live conversation in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

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