Deleting farms or fields are significant events in Morning Farm Report® and will change your account permanently.  If you want to proceed with deleting farms or fields, consequences and instructions are detailed below.

  • Deleting a farm will delete all fields grouped underneath that farm
  • Deleting a field will delete the field boundary from your account
  • Deleting a field will delete all information entered into Field Story™ for that field 

Step 1. Log in to your Morning Farm Report® account. 

Step 2. To delete a farm or field from your Farm Tree, select the "Edit Farm Tree" button within the Farm Tree on the left side (Figure 1). If you have the Field Story tool selected, you can also select "Edit Farm Tree" within the Field Story details at the top of the page (Figure 2). You will automatically be taken to the your Farm Tree in the Account Settings menu. 

Figure 1. 

Figure 2.

Step 3. Each farm and field name has a pencil to the right that you can select. Once you select the pencil, you are able to delete a field as well as a farm. Select “Cancel” to exit the window. 

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