Editing a farm or field name is performed through the account settings menu. Follow the steps below to edit a farm or field name.

Step 1. Log in to your Morning Farm Report® account. 

Step 2. Select the My Account icon in the upper right hand corner on the webpage. You will see “Hi (first name)” near the icon. 

Step 3. Once the drop down menu appears, select “Account”. A new window will appear in the center of your screen. 

Step 4. Select the “Structure” icon on the far right. If you are on a mobile phone, you will need to tap on the right arrow to scroll to the structure icon. Your Farm Tree will appear. 

Step 5. Each farm and field name has a pencil to the right that you can select. Once you select the pencil, you are able to edit the field name as well as the farm name. You can also move fields around to previously created farms. Select “Cancel” to exit the window. 

You can also edit a field name by selecting the red product circle, Field Story™, and then selecting the field name you would like to edit in the farm tree on the left side of your screen. Underneath the Field Story: Field Details, there is a button you can select that says "Rename Field" (Figure 1  shown below).

Figure 1. 

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