Morning Farm Report supports many different fertilizer blends; however, there are instances when the fertilizer blend that you are trying to enter may not be available within Field Story.  In the case when your fertilizer blend is not an option, you will have to add two separate fertilizer applications based on the products that were blended. Also, please contact customer support by using the “Chat” button in the lower right hand corner of the website to communicate the N-P-K ratio you are blending. Agrible can check to see if we are able to implement the blend in the future. When fertilizer applications are entered on the same day within Field Story, it is assumed that they are a single application with one pass of field equipment through the field. Below is an example of how to enter a fertilizer blend into Field Story. 

Take for example, a blend of 45 N - 10 P - 10 K. There may not be a common product name that makes up this exact ratio within Morning Farm Report. However, this ratio may have been obtained by blending multiple common products that are available within Morning Farm Report. To enter the above fertilizer blend into Field Story, you will have to add multiple fertilizer application events. It is important to note that if multiple fertilizer applications are needed for a fertilizer blend within a single field, make sure that the dates and times of the applications are all the same in Field Story. As mentioned previously, this will ensure that the system sees multiple fertilizer application events as one single application pass through the field.

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