First, try to search your email inbox for the email.
Within most email inboxes, you have the ability to perform a search for any email by address, which is typically located at the top of the webpage. Our daily Morning Farm Report® emails are sent as “Today’s Morning Farm Report”. Simply type in “Today’s Morning Farm Report” in the search bar within your email inbox. If you find the emails, make sure you move them into your primary inbox and ensure they are not marked as spam or junk.

If you were unsuccessful in searching for your daily Morning Farm Report™ email, below are some common reasons that could be causing the problem. 

The email has been disabled within your account.
It is possible to turn off your daily Morning Farm Report email within your account. There is a checkbox that can be clicked on or off within the account settings. The account settings are located in the upper right hand corner of your Morning Farm Report account when you click on your name. 

You have unsubscribed from our daily emails.
If you have unsubscribed from our daily emails in the past, you have been removed from our mailing list. Please contact customer support by starting a conversation in the lower right hand corner. Even if you are unsure of if you have unsubscribed, feel free to ask us. 

The email is being filtered to your spam or junk folder.
It is not uncommon for Email Service Providers or ESPs to filter suspected spam emails into your spam or junk folder. Be sure to check to see if your Daily Morning Farm Report email is going to your spam or junk folder. If it is, you should move the emails to your primary inbox so that your ESP will no longer filter the email as spam. 

The email has been accidentally “categorized” into a folder.
Categorization can happen automatically without you being asked. For example, many emails show up in the “promotions” tab within Gmail automatically. This emphasizes the importance to check to make sure that you or your email client didn’t accidentally place your daily Morning Farm Report email in a categorized folder within your email. It can be very easy to attempt to delete an email, but accidentally move it to a folder where it will now be delivered to. 

You have not added fields to your account.
Our Daily Morning Farm Report emails are not sent unless you have added fields to your account or someone is actively sharing fields to your account. The addition of fields does not include the Agrible Demo Org that is pre-populated in your account at the time of creation.

Still no luck? Please contact Customer Support using the “Chat” feature in the lower right hand corner. 

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