Morning Farm Report is software for growers that delivers field-level forecasts and data on yield predictions, nutrient availability, fieldwork timing, spraying conditions, hail events, potential pest problems, weather, and more. Morning Farm Report also helps you benchmark and document your sustainability practices with the Sustainable Yield Program.

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More About Morning Farm Report

Morning Farm Report can be found by visiting Morning Farm Report allows you to view information about your farm business at any time of day to help with decision making. From logistics planning to application decisions, Morning Farm Report gives you insights to help make your business more efficient and profitable. Here are a few common questions you may have from day to day about your farm operation that can be answered by Morning Farm Report:

  1. When will the north half of my operation dry out enough to plant? 
  2. How much nitrogen will my crop need with the weather being my limiting factor?
  3. How much rain did each of my fields receive? 
  4. What are my yields going to look like this year?
  5. Did I receive hail on the back half of my 160 acre field?

How to access your Morning Farm Report information?
The information that is provided by Morning Farm Report is available to you through your Morning Farm Report login, the daily Morning Farm Report email that is sent out at 5 a.m. CST, and apps like Pocket Rain Gauge™ , Pocket Spray Smart, and Pocket Drone Control™ that connect directly to your Morning Farm Report account. 

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