Agrible®’s Ag Forecast with Eric Snodgrass is a short video forecasting weather for the current week throughout the United States. It also gives a longer term forecast for the rest of the month or the month ahead. The video focuses on key agricultural production areas, but also includes occasional weather phenomenons. Sign up for free and get these videos emailed to you every Monday and Thursday morning. These weekly insights from Agrible’s Senior Atmospheric Scientist, Eric Snodgrass, help you make the best decisions for your farm operation.

Where can I find the Ag Forecast?

Go to and click Ag Forecast at the top. A video is released twice a week, and is created by Eric Snodgrass, Senior Atmospheric Scientist here at Agrible.

If you already have a Morning Farm Report account, you’ll receive an email with the Ag Forecast every time a new video is created.

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