The Air & Space Flight Conditions tab provides you an hour-by-hour drone flight forecast to reference before completing your own drone mission. The drone flight forecast provides a flight status based on the hour-by-hour forecast information provided (Figure 1). Forecasted out to 3 days, flight conditions provide the wind speed and gusts at 30 ft, the wind direction, the weather conditions (cloud cover, rain/snow), and the visibility distance all at the field-specific level (Figure 2). An “Add” button is available underneath the flight log for each hour to record a drone mission. The drone mission will automatically populate the date and weather conditions based on the hour you have selected. In addition, you will be able to enter custom text in the notes section that could include flight observations (Figure 3). All of the drone missions that are created in Air and Space are saved in Field Story for long-term storage.  

Figure 1.

Flight Status Legend

Underneath the “Drone Safe” column is the forecasted flight status based on each hour's flight conditions (Figure 2). Below are descriptions of each flight status.

The fly flight status shows a green checkmark to indicate that the weather conditions are ideal for a drone flight. 

The caution flight status shows a yellow triangle to indicate that the weather conditions are less favorable for a drone flight. 

No Fly
The no fly flight status shows a red exclamation point to indicate that the weather conditions are not suitable for a drone flight. 

Restricted Airspace
The restricted airspace flight status shows an orange exclamation point to indicate that the field boundary is too close to an airport to fly.  

Figure 2.

Figure 3. 

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