The Air & Space Missions tab provides all missions that have been flown and successfully uploaded to your account based on your selection in the Farm Tree on the left hand side. The missions can be sorted by date, name (alphabetical), or by damage percent. Missions are sorted by date by default, with the most recent missions at the top of the page (Figure 1).

To easily find all of your missions, select your Organization in the Farm Tree to the left (or Left Hand Navigation bar), and all missions you have flown in your Organization will appear in sorted order descending by date or by other chosen criteria. If you are flying other users' fields that have been shared with you, those missions — though owned by you — will show up under their Organization name.

Figure 1. 

Clicking on each mission will show the complete mission details (Figure 2). This includes the field scene image, the account data, the mission data, the damage assessment, weather conditions, and any notes that were added during the mission. Directly underneath the field scene image is easy access to sharing a mission (“Share”), viewing your flight images in My Maps (“View in My Maps”), and also a quick link to editing the damage grid for the field (“Edit Damage”). 

Figure 2. 

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