If you have recently added a field to your account and see that the crop type is incorrect for the current crop year, you can change the crop type on the field by editing the default planting event in Field Story. 

Step 1. Select the crop year that you want to edit. Click on "2018-Corn" to expand the crop year (Figure 1). 

Figure 1.

Step 2. Select the planting event by clicking on the "Planting (Sowing)" event title (Figure 2). This will expand the planting details for the 2018 Corn crop year. 

Figure 2.

Step 3.
Select the date by selecting the pencil in the completion date pill (Figure 3). A new window will appear in the center of your screen. The completion date is the date the field was planted. 

Figure 3.

Step 4.
Select the planting date for the field on the calendar (Figure 4). You are able to enter in estimated future planting dates into Field Story - you do not have to wait until you actually plant the field to add a crop season to Field Story. Use the arrows at the top of the calendar to change the month and year. Select “Next.” 

Figure 4.

Step 5. Select the "Crop" pill to change the crop type on the field (Figure 5). If you change the crop type, you may have to select a sub-crop as well. 

Figure 5.

Step 6. Select the number of hybrids/varieties planted on the field (Figure 6). Then, select the seed type by location or by specific hybrid or variety (Figure 7). 

Figure 6.

Figure 7.

Step 7.
Continue to enter in the rest of the planting information as you are automatically taken to the next steps. Select “Save” (Figure 8). 

Figure 8.

Step 8.
After you save the field event, you will see the “Rooster” tag on the far right side of the planting event change to your name. In Figure 9, you can see that the planting event now has the name of the user rather than “Rooster.” This informs you that you have customized an event and changed the pre-populated “Rooster” default to your own information. 

Figure 9.

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