Please note that My Summary: Alerts is not available for a Free Core Account.

My Summary: Alerts provides a quick snapshot of any active Hail or Nutrient Alerts on the fields added to your account. If a hail alert has been triggered, you are able to see which field or fields were affected specifically by the hail storm here (Figure 1). 

Figure 1. 

Toggle between Hail Alerts and Nutrient Alerts by selecting either icon below “My Summary: Alerts”. You are unable to select the greyed out icons because they are products that have not been released yet for My Summary. As more alerts become available for different products, their icons will be activated in the alert selection bar. Based on the alerts icon that you have selected and the organization, farm, or field that you have selected in the Farm Tree, you will be provided a summary description, which is shown in the center of the My Summary: Alerts section. This description will provide information on the percentage of groups or farms affected and what fields were affected. Below the summary description is a visual representation of which organizations, business/business groups, farms, and fields currently have active alerts. Clicking on the field names will take you directly to the alerts for the field. For example, clicking on a field that has an active Hail Alert will take you directly to the Hail Events page for the field with the specific hail event details open. Clicking on a field that has an active Nutrient Alert will take you directly to the Nutrient Engine for the field selected.

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