Spray Smart uses forecasted weather to help you plan efficient use of your time and equipment, to optimize the effectiveness of spray applications up to 3 days in advance, and mitigate risk of off-target movement. Spray Smart shows windows of opportunity for the most and least favorable spray conditions.  Spray Smart shows you wind speed and direction, precipitation events, temperature inversions, sunny or overcast conditions, the potential for pollinator activity, and whether soil conditions are suitable for a sprayer. 

When you are ready to spray a field, you can record all the information along with a snapshot of the weather data during your application time.  An “Add” button is available underneath the spray log for each hour to record a chemical application. Once you have selected “Add”, the date and hour will automatically populate based on your selection. You can then select the chemical applied, the application method, the carrier, and any additives. The weather conditions for the hour selected will automatically be saved in the chemical application as well. You are provided the option to add an application cost and a note. Once “Save” is selected, the chemical application created in Spray Smart is saved in Field Story for long-term record keeping.

Figure 1.

Figure 2. 

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