Tractor Time Daily provides the soil condition status for field operations for each of your field's two weeks in advance. Additional to the soil condition status, Tractor Time Daily also provides your field's 4-inch soil temperature. The information provided in Tractor Time Daily is in a calendar format, where you can visually see the forecasted soil condition status and average 4-inch soil temperatures day-to-day. 

Tractor Time Daily can be used to help improve logistics planning day after day.  With field operations happening throughout the growing season and periodically in the offseason, valuable information can be referenced before driving field to field to check the soil condition status for the day. Spending less time determining which fields to work in and more time in the field, provides you the opportunity to save time and money. 

Figure 1.

Figure 1 above shows a snapshot of Tractor Time Daily within a Morning Farm Report account. The color of the cards provide an indication of the soil condition status for the day. Each color is determined based on the soil bearing capacity and the tire pressure of field equipment. To learn more about the color indication cards and what they represent, visit Tractor Time Daily: Color Indication Cards.

Tractor Time Daily also provides an average 4-inch soil temperature for each of your fields. The information provides helpful insights to practice good stewardship with the potential for cost savings. For example, fall applications of Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) should be applied with sustained soil temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that nitrogen is not lost through leaching. With Tractor Time Daily, you have access to information that would help you address application timing of fall Nitrogen. 

For more information on the science behind Tractor Time Daily, visit Tractor Time Daily: Forecasting Soil Conditions.

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