Tractor Time Hourly works very similar to Tractor Time Daily, however Tractor Time Hourly provides an hour-by-hour forecast of field work conditions instead of a daily calendar view. With Tractor Time Hourly you are able to see field conditions changing by the hour, due to accumulating rainfall or conditions favorable for drying out. In Figure 1, an 80 hour forecast is shown for Tractor Time (Primary/Wet Spot), air temperature, relative humidity (RH), 4” soil temperature, visibility, and general weather conditions. An “Add” button is available underneath the operation log for each hour to record a field note. The field note will automatically populate the date and weather conditions based on the hour you have selected. In addition you will be able to enter custom text in the notes section that could include scouting observations like broken tile lines, pest pressure, rocks in the field, etc. (Figure 2). All of the field notes that are created in Tractor Time Hourly are saved in Field Story for ensured organization. 

Figure 1.

Figure 2. 

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