Yield Engine is the Morning Farm Report’s flagship product. The tool provides yield forecasts well ahead of both planting or harvest, tracks crop growth throughout a growing season, and supplies harvest moisture predictions. Yield Engine results are highly dependent on historical and forecasted weather as well as the information that has been entered into Field Story

Information required for Yield Engine forecasts includes operations and agronomics taken directly from data entered by you in Field Story. Local soil type and drainage, fertilizers applied or to-be-applied, actual seed planted, plant population, planting date, and tillage are among some of the values that are used for yield forecasts. These variables are different for each crop and are weighted based on crop demand and local conditions. The most accurate information input into Field Story provides the best forecast of crop growth and yield.

The Yield Engine’s primary function is providing a yield forecast months in advance at the field level. Currently, the Yield Engine supports corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, and peanuts. Using Yield Engine, you are able to enter in your field operations in advance, in real time, and even after they happen, and Yield Engine will provide a yield forecast for the field. Using Agrible’s biophysical crop model, Yield Engine is able to forecast into the future based on the historical and forecasted agronomic conditions plus the information that a user has input into the system. Having a forecasted yield well in advance aids in improved marketing decisions at the farm level. Knowing your projected crop yield can be key for taking advantage of the mid-season market high.

Figure 1.

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