Flood Area is an estimation of yield based on the severity of flooding, including the loss of Nitrogen, for a given field. The Yield Engine is unable to tell if your field has flooded areas and how long those areas may be flooded. For that reason we have included Flood Area. The severity of flooding is represented by “Minor” (for example, near one corner of the field), “Moderate” (flooded areas with some standing water and Nitrogen loss), and “Significant” (large flooded areas, significant dead zones, and Nitrogen loss). For each level of severity, the Flooded Yield is shown (the top row in Figure 1). This is the yield that you can expect in the actual flooded areas within the field. The Field Yield, underneath the Flooded Yield, is how the severity of flooding would affect the overall yield average for the field as a whole. We leave it in your hands to determine the severity of flooding for a field, but provide the overall impact on your total field yield. Once an actively growing crop on a field reaches maturity in Morning Farm Report, Flood Area is no longer available. 

Figure 1.

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