Today’s Soil Moisture values represent the current day’s soil moisture in the plant’s root zone. The soil moisture data presented is the percent plant-available water, plant-available water in inches, and today’s status of plant-available moisture. Each value is shown in its own card in Figure 1. below. The cards provide an easy way to monitor the root-zone moisture, and provide insight into crop stress resulting from inadequate soil moisture. All values represent conditions forecasted by the end of the current day. Once an actively growing crop on a field reaches maturity in Morning Farm Report, Today's Soil Moisture is no longer available. 

Root Depth:
The rooting depth of the crop in inches. 

Percent Available Water (% Avail Water): The percentage of plant-available water for the field’s dominant soil type. 

Available Water (Avail Water): The amount of plant-available water in inches for the field’s dominant soil type. 

Today’s Status: A soil moisture condition based on crop stress as determined by the Yield Engine. The card is color-coded based on the status of surplus (blue), adequate (green), low (yellow) , and depleted (red).

Figure 1. 

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