Within Morning Farm Report®, a hail event’s significance is shown by providing the probability of the hail event, the size of the hail stones, the density pattern of the falling hail, the duration of the hail event, and the current crop growth stage (Figure 1). The current crop growth stage is determined based on the planting date that has been entered into Field Story™. If you have not set your planting information for the field in Field Story or if the default planting event is in Field Story, then the crop growth stage may be incorrect. Using the information that is provided, one can make decisions to go check the alerted field. For example, a hail event may hit the field, but the crop could be at a growth stage that is insignificant to hail damage. Or a hail alert could show a high probability that the hail event occurred, which would increase the importance of scouting the field.  

Morning Farm Report’s Hail Alerts are detected using the best radar and weather data available today. A main concern with hail detection is “false positives” due to wind turbines, airplanes, and flocks of birds. The Morning Farm Report’s hail detection system is designed to filter out “false positive” hail alerts due to these common interference factors while detecting a hail event’s significance.

Figure 1. 

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